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Battle of the Creeps

There’s a showdown going on in a forgotten area of my yard, Ancient Vikings must have planted some Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘aurea’) and then when the next wave of marauders swept through, it got forgotten. When I finally noticed it, it was like finding buried treasure, even though it was just Creeping Jenny.

preview of a project for another day…

And that golden. creeping treasure was under siege from another even less desirable creep… Creeping Charlie.

Cue the music: every time I look at this situation, this song runs through my head.

I have to say, I have intervened just the slightest bit (I sat and pulled out pieces of Charlie while I was on the phone once, for about 20 minutes) and Jenny seems to be ahead. It’s not a moist spot, it’s on a sunny slope, my money was totes on Charlie.

I should have known to put my money on the lady.


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