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Answers for those who guessed the roses

About a month ago, we decided to give away five copies of Everyday Roses, the go-to rose guide penned by’s blogger, Paul Zimmerman.

To our surprise, not one entry got 5/5! So to be fair, we lowered the threshold to 4/5, so anyone who correctly identified four of these roses was entered into our book drawing. We’ve selected and contacted the winners, but thanks to everyone who participated! We hope it was a fun challenge.

The 5 roses, identified:

‘Variegata di Bologna’
‘Westerland’ Double Knockout
‘Mme. Hardy’ ‘Graham Thomas’


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  1. huskerpower 03/25/2013

    Well at least I was with the majority on 4 out of 5 right.
    As an avid collector of antique & Austin roses I knew
    4 right away...BUT the Westerland rose, a common everyday rose???wow,missed that one!I have recently started an area devoted to orange fragrant roses,(not an easy task)and Westerland would be a nice addition.Doing search engine for
    fragrant orange roses doesn't bring it up. Must be listing
    as different color? Thanks for a fun contest!

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