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A Spiritual Garden in NC

By Kim Charles

Donald Privett has worked hard to create the garden of his dreams in SC.

"My garden is located in the Piedmont of North Central South Carolina. it is near the boundary between zone 7 and zone 8, it is very dry and hot in the summer hardly any rain and no relief from the humidity.

I have been gardening at this location for about 18 years it was a mass of weathered granite, with hardly any topsoil.  I started adding peat moss, potting soil and anything else I could get – leaves that had decomposed and materials I composted. My idea was to create a spiritual garden where I could I have my coffee and anyone else could walk through this garden and enjoy it. I have two serenity seating areas where I'm surrounded by plants."

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  1. user-3565112 10/25/2016

    Donald, Your gardens are quite an achievement in a very difficult environment The photo with the Kniphofia fire dance in front of the blue geranium is terrific. The exposed rock in your photos provides beautifully serene settings for all of your garden rooms. Good work & good luck, Joe

  2. user-7007366 10/25/2016

    Absolutely beautiful, peaceful and colorful. Something that is not always easy to combine.

  3. User avater
    treasuresmom 10/25/2016

    Would love to sit in that chair with my coffee and enjoy all the colors and blooms.

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/25/2016

    Your garden looks like a wonderful place for slow strolls and contemplative sits....communing with nature in a peaceful way. You've certainly done a fabulous job of creating rich and nutritious planting beds as everything looks brimming with a healthy wan and struggling flowers and bushes to be seen. Is the flowering plant in the 4th picture a weeping butterfly bush? At first, I thought it might be a rosemary pruned as a standard but it looked tallish for that. I adore the first photo...such beautifully captured details the dusting of pollen on the bumblebee's leg.

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/25/2016

    Wow! That is a lush, dry garden. I love the dark Canna used throughout. You've done a great job creating floriferous, foliage-filled retreats. I'm stumped by the white flower with the long stamens. It's quite engaging. Do you have an ID?

    1. wittyone 10/25/2016

      I believe that is a Cat Whisker's plant. I happened to see one at the local nursery one year and bought it because I just couldn't resist the name. It's an annual this far north so that was my only experience with it.

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/25/2016

        You've got it. A quick search confirms that it is a tropical. Very cute and nice common name!

  6. Cenepk10 10/25/2016

    Wow... Serene indeed ...Is that a passionflower? Doesn't look like you're lacking in the rain department... very very nice. Great job !

  7. schatzi 10/25/2016

    Wow indeed! What a job - creating everything from the soil up. And what a great job you did. It is absolutely beautiful. Love the Cat's Whiskers - I'll have to look that up.

  8. greengenes 10/25/2016

    Hi Donald... you have made a wonderful escape amongst healing plants and paths. Great job on bringing in top soil and amendments! It seems gardens heal and brings one to a centered place! Love it! What is the small staked tree or shrub?

  9. user-4691082 10/26/2016

    Hi Donald! Beautiful color combos. I also want to know what the standard is in the 4th photo!

  10. perenniallycrazy 10/26/2016

    You've created an amazing sanctuary atop granite Donald! How long did it take you? Still tweaking I imagine?

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