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A Small Garden Packs BIG Flavor!

By Kim Charles

Deb Ebenroth has made creative use of space in her Chicago garden.

"My name is Deb Ebenroth and I garden in a tiny yard in the Chicago, Illinois suburbs.

I would like the readers to know that a small yard can be just as satisfying as gardening in a big yard, but there are some considerations.
My yard is too small to place a rectangular vegetable bed, so where to put the vegetables?  Mine are tucked in with my flowers.  Tomatoes are tucked next to hibiscus, asparagus beans growing with clematis, and grapes along the deck.  The crown jewel of the yard is a small my pond which is home to 6 large koi.  This means that no pesticides or herbicides are used, making the yard a haven for many birds, butterflies and dragonflies.  Hope you enjoy!"

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  1. Maggieat11 03/23/2017

    Great use of your space, Deb! A wonderful incorporation of many facets of nature. I am sure that your visitors ....including the 2-legged kind :-) ... are delighted !!!

  2. Jay_Sifford 03/23/2017

    Very nice, Deb. I too would love to see some wider angle shots so we can enjoy your placement, etc. Happy gardening!

  3. user-7007498 03/23/2017

    Good morning, Deb. The fruit looks so good. I almost wanted to lick the screen for a taste. I would have loved to see at least 1 overview shot of your garden to put it in perspective. Great job in not using chemicals. I stopped about 10 years ago and am so happy with the increased wildlife in my garden. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/23/2017

    Well, Deb, looks like you have an admirable talent for gardening as well as photography ...or, vice versa! Anyway, the individual portrait shots have beautiful detail and got me thinking how great it will be when local fresh fruit season rolls back around.

  5. Quiltingmamma 03/23/2017

    Deb, what a little haven you seem to have created in your back yard. Lovely close ups. You must enjoy photography as well as gardening! I have always had a fondness for the intricacies of the Passionfruit bloom. I also would love a bigger view of the complete space.

  6. user-6841468 03/23/2017

    truly stunning pictures of the wildlife and plants in your garden. i too would love to see a picture of your whole garden... do you have a second story window, access to the roof, etc. so that you could show us your tiny paradise? please keep the pictures coming!

  7. NCYarden 03/23/2017

    Good morning, Deb. Space ultimately is irrelevant. More the fact that you just want to garden, and thus find a creative way in the space that you do have. The satisfaction is the same - beautiful plants, a sense of achievement in nurturing something to successfully grow, the attraction of pleasing wildlife, and even food in your case....all to your own delight. And I'm glad you shared some of that delight with us.

  8. pam_clemmons 03/23/2017

    Absolutely loved the tiny garden! Your photography is excellent too! Thanks for sharing.

  9. user-4691082 03/23/2017

    Welcome Deb! I love all of it!!! I have trouble with the passiflora being invasive. I agree with David and Christine( NC Yarden) in wanting a photo fro a second story window. A raccoon ate one of my koi and a heron got the rest so we gave up. Do you put a screen over it? The hummingbird photo is amazing- thanks for sharing!

    1. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/23/2017

      Raccoon are so smart that it makes them a terrible pest at times! I gave up on having small tub sunk in the garden to try to grow lotus because it became a raccoon bathing facility. My feelings for them have softened slightly since a friend taught me their proper name; trash pandas! :)

  10. user-4691082 03/23/2017

    I mistakenly credited NCYarden for the request of the second story photo! It should be for Nancy!!! So sorry!

  11. user-4691082 03/23/2017

    I forgot to mention the beautiful lotus! All right , I'll be quiet now!!!

  12. annek 03/23/2017

    Gorgeous photos Deb. (Hummers are so acrobatic!). It's a clever idea you've adopted to meld your vegetable and flower gardens to 'have it all'.

    It sounds like we might have a unanimous vote for more photos

  13. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/23/2017

    Obviously a great use of space with some wonderful human-attracting and wildlife-attracting plants. How do you keep your milkweed in check in your small garden? I'm finally trying to limit the aggressive spread of common milkweed by yanking out shoots, but it isn't a permanent solution. But I'll put up with it for the monarchs and that incredible scent of the flowers.
    Love your Koi. Herons find them quite tasty in my neighborhood!
    Fantastic capture of the hummer.

  14. Sunshine111 03/23/2017

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Sometimes less is more.

  15. sheila_schultz 03/23/2017

    Please add me to the growing list of those wanting more photos, Deb. Your work both behind the lens and in your garden is wonderful!

  16. Cenepk10 03/23/2017

    Wow ! That was a treat. Jealous of those grapes. I need to grow grapes & make wine :). During the drought last year, ( 7 months- not any rain ) - I kept the birdbaths filled with water- my yard is constantly filled with birds even now- It's good for the soul to share the garden with these creatures & their songs. And the butterflies too !!! Jealous of the passionflower-.. I am trying for year 3 to germinate some seeds as I type. Beautiful!

  17. anitaberlanga 03/23/2017

    what a charming garden. I, too, had a tiny garden in Chicago (25'x38') and it was a lot of fun to plant up! As with so many others here, I'd love to see an overall photo - I'll bet it's fabulous, if your closeups are anything to go by!

  18. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 03/23/2017

    Good morning, Deb. What a beautiful garden you've created in a small space. I'm surprised to see a Passion vine growing in the Chicago area as we struggle to keep one alive in our zone 8a garden. Your photos do your garden justice but like others, I'd like to see more. Thanks for sharing.

  19. user-6536305 03/23/2017

    Awesome photos and nice flowers and fish! Thanks for sharing! I agree with other that I would love to see an over view of your lovely garden.

  20. schatzi 03/23/2017

    Gorgeous flora and fauna. Love the lotus and the hummer - love all of it! You have done a fantastic job with a small space. More, please.

  21. tennisluv 03/23/2017

    What a marvelous jewel box of a garden. All your photos are so well done. Ditto on everything the others have said already. Thanks for sharing and hope you will share again.

  22. foxglove12 03/26/2017

    What a beautiful safe haven for nature. Thanks for sharing.

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