A Photographer Captures Sweden’s Public Gardens

Joshua McCullough takes us on a virtual trip to Sweden

Stockholms Lusthusportens Park
European public gardens generally do their borders expertly. Here are four opposing annual plantings around a lawn, each in perfect color scheme, from Stockholm’s Lusthusportens Park.

You’ve probably seen the name Joshua McCullough in photo captions many times on our site before. He is a professional botanical and nature photographer who has been contributing stunning garden images and plant portraits to Fine Gardening for over 10 years. You can check out even more of his images on

This summer he took a trip to Sweden, and he graciously provided some garden images for us to share from his travels. We always love to see gardens from across the globe, and the incredible way Joshua is able to capture these gardens is a bonus.

As many of us had to cancel our vacation and travel plans this summer, let us live vicariously through Joshua and take a virtual trip to Sweden’s beautiful public gardens.

Stockholm’s Lusthusportens Park flowers
Sunflowers brighten up this lovely display.
Stockholm’s Lusthusportens Park flowers
This lovely silver and white bed shines.
Stockholm’s Lusthusportens Park flowers
Fiery hues make a strong statement.
Rosendals Trädgård hedges
And I am a sucker for a good hedge. Here are some used to good effect to back up those stunning public park plantings, the first from Rosendals Trädgård in Stockholm and the second from Stadspark in Örebro.
Stadspark in Örebro
A long border mixes in purple verbena and orange marigolds.
containers in Stadspark in Örebro
Also at Stadspark in Örebro, it was intriguing to find a whole area devoted to row upon row of excellent container plantings.
cutting garden at Rosendals Trädgård
Lastly, I had to throw in the festive coordination between the ribbon and nasturtium at the cutting garden at Rosendals Trädgård.

Photos: Joshua McCullough

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