Gardeners often lament that they feel intimidated about pronouncing the Latin names of plants. Keep in mind that pronunciation in any language is not always a hard-and-fast matter. If you can’t remember the preferred pronunciation of a plant name, just do your best—and say it with conviction!
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Iberis sempervirens
(eye-BEER-iss sem-per-VEER-enz)
Ilex aquifolium
(EYE-leks ah-kwih-FOE-lee-um)
Ilex cornuta
(EYE-leks kor-NEW-tah)
Ilex crenata
(EYE-leks kren-AY-tah)
Ilex decidua
(EYE-leks dee-SID-yew-ah)
Ilex glabra
(EYE-leks GLAB-rah)
Ilex opaca
(EYE-leks oh-PAK-ah)
Ilex serrata
(EYE-leks ser-RAY-tah)
Ilex verticillata
(EYE-leks ver-tih-sih-LAY-tah)
Ilex vomitoria
(EYE-leks vom-ih-TOR-ee-ah)
Ilex X meserveae
(EYE-leks ex mez-ERV-ee-ay)
Illicium floridanum f. album
(il-LIS-ee-um floor-ih-DAY-num forma AL-bum)
Illicium mexicanum
(il-LIS-ee-um meks-ih-KAH-num)
Illicium parviflorum
(il-LIS-ee-um par-vih-FLOOR-um)
Impatiens auricoma
(im-PAY-shenz or-ih-KOE-mah)
Impatiens balfourii
(im-PAY-shenz bal-FOR-ee-eye)
Impatiens balsamina
(im-PAY-shenz ball-SAM-in-um)
Impatiens capensis
(im-PAY-shenz kah-PEN-sis)
Impatiens hawkeri
(im-PAY-shenz HAWK-er-eye)
Impatiens namchabarwensis
(im-PAY-shenz nam-chah-bar-WEN-sis)
Impatiens oliveri
(im-PAY-shenz ol-ih-VAIR-ee)
Impatiens omeiana
(im-PAY-shenz oh-me-AY-nah)
Impatiens sodenii
(im-PAY-shenz so-DEN-ee-eye)
Impatiens walleriana
(im-PAY-shenz wall-err-ee-AY-nah)
Imperata cylindrica
(im-per-AY-tah sill-IND-rih-kah)
Indigofera amblyantha
(in-dih-GO-fer-ah am-blee-AN-thah)
Inula magnifica
(IN-yew-lah mag-NIF-ih-kah)
Ipheion uniflorum
(IF-ee-on yew-nih-FLOOR-um)