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Garden Plans

Sample seven designs for different seasons and situations

A Naturalistic Garden Design
Trees and shrubs provide privacy and a long season of interest
Designer: Gary Keim; Illustration: Gary Keim
From Fine Gardening #65
A Formal Garden Design
Water gardens are a focal point of this low-maintenance garden plan
Designer: R. Scott Lankford; Illustration: R. Scott Lankford
From Fine Gardening #65
A Lush Flower Garden Design
This diagonal plan emphasizes a sense of movement
Designer: Jeni Webber, Illustration: Jeni Webber
From Fine Gardening #65
A Garden with Strong Lines and Hard-Working Plants
Linear plantings echo the architecture of the house and anchor the garden's design
Designer: Julie Siegel; Illustration: Vincent Babak
From Fine Gardening #89
A Bed for Long-Lasting Fragrance
Place sweet-smelling plants where you can enjoy them throughout the growing season
Designer: Kathy Diemer; Illustration: Mary Ellen Didion
From Fine Gardening #88
A Shady Planting Plan
Choose plants with attractive foliage for the shade, where flowers are scarce after spring rolls into summer
Designer: C. Colston Burrell; Illustration: Mary Moore Wallinger
From Fine Gardening #87
A Colorful Autumn Container Garden Display
Crisp, autumnal shades reflect the colors of the surrounding landscape
Designer: Dennis Shrader; Photo: Dennis Shrader
From Fine Gardening #87

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