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    Beauty and the Beast in a Winter Garden

    Today we’re headed to Independence, Oregon, where Erla Richards is sharing some of the beautiful—and not so beautiful—faces of the winter garden. Many readers are looking toward spring, as am…

  • Tangerine Beauty crossvine

    Winter-Flowering Vines for the Southwest

    Flowering vines make such a beautiful addition to any fence, landscape, or container. The options are varied in the Southwest, but even in winter you can enjoy some vibrant blooms…

  • Paperbush

    Shrubs for Winter Fragrance in the South

    The color of a blossom might be the first thing to catch our eye in the landscape, but adding sweet aroma to that bloom elevates the plant to all-star status.…

  • Queen of White variegated thread-leaf agave

    Frost-Proof Succulent Survivors for Northern California

    The chilly nighttime temperatures of a Northern California winter can wreak havoc on a garden filled with tender succulents. Many varieties suffer when temperatures dip below freezing unless protective measures…

  • Pendula Bruns weeping Serbian spruce

    Columnar Conifers for the Midwest

    The different forms of otherwise well-known conifers offer gardeners the opportunity to experiment. These conifers can be part of a composition, serve as anchoring components, act as screens, or be…

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    Winter in California

    It may be winter, but in Donna Bodine’s California garden, there is a lot going on! These are photos of what is happening now in my San Francisco Bay Area…

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    Unusual Plants for Winter Interest

    My name is Andy Schenck, and I am a self-professed plant nerd, having worked in the horticulture industry since graduating from the University of Delaware many years ago. As the…

  • trees in winter

    Winter Garden Beauty

    I mentioned recently that we get fewer GPOD submissions in the winter—and you all came through! Lots of different people sent in beautiful shots of their winter gardens, so today…

  • winter garden

    5 Ways to Boost Your Winter Garden in the Northeast

    I don't know about you, but once winter arrives here in the Northeast and the leaves have fallen off all of the trees, my eyes focus on things I just…

  • China Snow Peking lilac

    Ornamental Bark on Deciduous Trees in the Midwest

    A feature that many overlook when selecting a tree is the bark. Distinctive bark contributes visual interest, and an appreciative eye will enjoy the limitless range of beautiful colors and…