winter garden inspiration

  • purple flowers blooming in early spring

    Margot’s Winter Garden

    Today we’re off to Washington State to visit with Margot Navarre. I live in Bellevue, Washington, and wanted to share a few pictures of my winter garden. I am a…

  • Pink flowers poking up out of the snow

    Winter Interest in Indiana

    Today we're in central Indiana visiting with John Chapin, who has been gardening for over 45 years. Our four acres of property was just a field of weeds with a…

  • trees in winter

    Winter Garden Beauty

    I mentioned recently that we get fewer GPOD submissions in the winter—and you all came through! Lots of different people sent in beautiful shots of their winter gardens, so today…

  • Design

    Seeds and Berries

    Hi GPODers, today it is your editor, Joseph, sharing some photos. In looking through photos recently, I noticed some of my favorite shots of seeds and berries on plants. Flowers…

  • Collection

    Favorite Winter Gardens from Garden Photo of the Day

    Have the dark, chilly days of winter gotten you down? It's time for a dose of inspiration from the GPOD! Yes, this time of year can be a sad one…

  • Design

    End of the Year at Carla’s

    Today we’re in Malvern, Pennsylvania, in frequent-GPOD-contributor Carla Zambelli Mudry’s beautiful garden. If you don’t remember her garden, you can see her woodland garden here and see how it looks…

  • Collection

    Plants and Designs for Winter Interest

    When gardeners talk about the “growing season,” we generally mean spring, summer, and perhaps a little bit of fall. Winter tends to get forgotten, ignored, or generally put to the…

  • Article

    Creative Winter Interest

    Winter can be the downtime in the garden, but it can also be a great time to enjoy the garden. If you live in a cold climate, it is the…