• snowdrop growing snow

    Surviving the Indiana Winter

    Today it is me, your GPOD editor, Joseph, checking in from my very snowy garden in northern Indiana. Recently, we had a warm day, some snow melted, and I saw…

  • bulb that blooms in late winter

    A Delightful Bulb to Brighten the Late-Winter Garden

    I remember my first experience seeing winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis, Zones 3–7) in bloom at Fernwood Botanical Garden (Niles, Michigan) over 25 years ago. It was late March when I…

  • compact conifers

    Compact Conifers for the Northern Plains

    Gardens should appeal to the senses in every season. I find that one way to ensure winter interest is to plant evergreens. There are more evergreens available than one can…

  • Euphorbia

    Noteworthy Euphorbia Varieties for Northern California

    The genus Euphorbia includes a large and diverse group of plants, ranging from petite annuals to huge, long-lived trees, and includes plants as diverse as the much-loved Christmas poinsettia (E.…

  • conifers

    Everything You Need to Know About Conifers

    What is a conifer? We think of it as an evergreen plant with needle-like foliage, but a conifer is simply a plant that bears cones. And not all conifers are…

  • Design

    An Artistic View of the Garden

    Laura Snyder, in Ottawa, Ontario, sent in some beautifully artistic photos from her garden for us to enjoy: I have just started doing garden maintenance this past year after spending…

  • Design

    Snow and Amaryllis

    Today’s photos are from Suzanne Stewart in Glenwood Springs Colorado. In August, she shared some photos of her garden in the summer, and today she’s sharing some images showing the…

  • Design

    Surviving Winter With an Indoor Garden

    Surinder Chadha is welcoming us into his indoor garden today. I live in northern New Jersey, where I have a large outdoor summer garden from May through October. Being an…

  • Article

    Winter Favorites

    Today’s photos come from Beth Tucker, who currently lives in Waxhaw, North Carolina, but sent in these photos from her previous home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, where she gardened…

  • Article

    Snowflakes on Palm Trees

    Patty Eckels shared some images of her snowy gardens over the years. These first pictures are from the house when we lived in Maryland in 2003. This was after a…