small space garden

  • close up of yellow and purple flowers in the garden

    More of Enrique and Christian’s Garden

    Today we’re back in the Forest Park, Illinois, garden of Enrique Zuniga and Christian Altman, a space they transformed from a blank piece of turfgrass into a beautiful garden that…

  • close up of light purple agastache

    Enrique and Christian’s Garden Near Chicago

    My name is Enrique Zuniga. My husband, Christian Altman, our three dogs, and I live in Forest Park, Illinois (Zone 5b), which is located just west of downtown Chicago. Both…

  • flowers and herbs growing on a small porch

    Art’s Creative Way to Enjoy the Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Art in Ada, Michigan, who has found a beautiful and unusual way to enjoy the bounty of the garden. There was a time when I had…

  • lots of greenery on a balcony

    Small Balcony, Huge Garden

    Today we’re off to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, to visit Wema Mojar’s beautiful balcony garden. Wema has transformed her tiny balcony space into a beautiful and productive garden. If you think…

  • cardinal at a bird bath

    A Garden in the Concrete Jungle, Part 2

    Yesterday we got to visit Patrick and Dorothy Smyth’s garden on a corner lot in the concrete jungle of Toronto, Canada, and today we’re back for more! Patrick and Dorothy…

  • garden seating area surrounded by greenery

    A Garden in the Concrete Jungle, Part 1

    Today we’re off to Toronto, Canada, to visit with Patrick and Dorothy Smyth. Our garden is in the middle of a concrete jungle. A refuge of calm and beauty, it's…

  • Design

    Gardening on a Balcony

    Today we’re visiting with Cynthia Strickland. We visited her former garden in St. Louis before, but today she’s showing us her current gardening setup on her balcony in Raleigh, North…

  • Design

    Lots of Flowers in a Small City Lot

    My name is Emily Kozie, and I garden in Seattle on a small city lot. Here’s a favorite photo from my garden. It shows my shrub rose ‘Lady Elsie May’…

  • Design

    A Small Garden Bursting with Color

    My name is Wema Mojar, and I’ve been gardening now for two years. I currently reside in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I just want to share my garden pictures. I work…

  • Design

    Two Takes on a Courtyard Garden

    Some may say that the risks involved with designing a small space are far less than those associated with designing a big one. After all, if you mess up, you…