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  • close up of pink coneflowers

    Arianne’s Garden in Minneapolis

    Arianne is letting us into her beautiful garden today. I want to share my Zone 4B garden with you. This is a mixture of both perennials and annuals, mostly planted…

  • urban garden with reconfiguration of beds

    Kathy’s Urban Garden

    Today we’re featuring an urban garden in New York City. My husband, Ian, and I (Kathy) live in a small house on a 100-foot by 25-foot lot in Queens, New…

  • small garden design

    Two Plans for Small Urban Gardens With Big Impact

    Whether you live in an urban setting or a slightly larger suburban spot, space can often be a factor when it comes to garden choices. We all face a conundrum:…

  • small garden photographed at night

    Small Gardens Ain’t So Bad | Letter from the Editor

    While editing this issue, I haven’t been able to get Joni Mitchell out of my head. Yes, that Joni Mitchell—specifically, her 1970 hit “Big Yellow Taxi” and the line “You…

  • small space garden

    4 Ways to Get More Veggies From a Small Space

    Today’s vegetable gardens may be Lilliputian compared with those of yesteryear, but new techniques return more bang for the buck in terms of space used and energy expended. Traditional gardens…

  • Article

    Filling a Small Garden With Diversity

    Antigonum Cajan submitted these photos of his small but incredibly diverse garden in Puerto Rico. He’s shared his garden with us before, and today it is nice to revisit his tropical…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Small-Space Design Ideas for Vegetable Gardens

    The problem for many small-space vegetable gardeners is how to create a beautiful and functional garden when there’s little room to grow. California landscape designer, Susan Morrison, has dozens of…

  • Article

    Small but Perfectly Formed

    Jill O’Hara sent in these images of her creative use of what seems like a really small garden site. Here’s what she had to say: I’ve been enjoying the pictures…

  • Design

    A Colorful, Small-Space Design

    Landscape architect and author Billy Goodnick takes us on a tour of his favorite garden. It’s a study in how to combine a great variety of plants in very small…

  • Article

    Grow More Food in Small Spaces

    Why is it the best ideas for solving gardening problems come from creative gardeners? That’s because gardeners, like Margaret Park, are always searching for ways to overcome obstacles, including how…