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  • plants to buy in spring

    Shopping-List Plants for Your Region

    Little kids have Christmas. Gardeners have spring. To anyone who loves plants, this is the most wonderful time of the year. As warmer weather approaches, gardeners across the country eagerly anticipate…

  • map of North American gardening regions

    Meet Your Fine Gardening Regional Reporters—Part 3

    Our readers have been asking for more regionally focused gardening content for decades, but the logistics and pressures of keeping our national magazine as applicable to as many readers as…

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    Gardening on the Local Level | Letter from the Editor

    My grandfather was an unofficial regional garden reporter. He was always calling to tell me how his tomatoes were doing or directing me to which neighbors had the best hydrangea…

  • Design

    Defining the New American Cottage Garden

    Several years ago, a husband-and-wife team of travel writers from England was touring Colorado and stopped by to see my garden. After walking in the garden and comparing our gardening…

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    Vegetable Gardening in the Rocky Mountain Region

    Mid-summer is a good time to evaluate your vegetable gardening efforts. If the garden isn’t living up to your expectations, you might want to turn to a new book that…

  • Article

    New Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Mountain States

    A new vegetable gardening book by Idaho author Mary Ann Newcomer is designed to help gardeners grow great gardens in spite of difficult conditions in the Rocky Mountain Region. She…

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    New Gardening Handbook for Rocky Mountain Gardeners

    If you’re new to gardening in the Rocky Mountain region—or you’ve been here a while and still haven’t gotten the hang of it—the "Rocky Mountain Gardener’s Handbook" will help you…