• shrubs for screening

    Evergreen Shrubs for Screening

    During the coldest months of the year in the South, when most of the leaves have fallen, it often becomes apparent where in your garden you could use some evergreen…

  • Design

    Episode 31: Plants for Privacy

    Many years ago, at a previous home, Danielle had neighbors who liked to use their in-plain-view hot tub in the buff. Memories of that prompted this week’s podcast discussion on…

  • containers used as elements in landscape design

    Using Containers as a Design Element

    Careful and considered placement can add a sense of coherence to a garden

  • container plants used to create privacy on front porch

    Four Ways to Use Container Plantings for More Privacy

    Sometimes we just need a little privacy to shield us from the realities of our neighbors’ lives, regardless of how much we like them. Building a fence or planting a…