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    How to Freeze Corn

    Nothing compares to corn fresh out of the garden, but here's how to freeze corn for the winter.

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    Dried Strawberries are Sweet Morsels of Flavor

    Dehydrating strawberries is a great way to preserve and concentrate their flavor long after the season ends. You can dry them in the sun, in ykour oven, or in an…

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    Kitchen Gardening

    Zesty Garden Pickles

    There's more to pickle than cucumbers. All manner of produce can be pickled. Jane Selover walks us through the few simple steps to tangy treats you can enjoy all year

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    Holiday Treats from the Kitchen Garden

    Even at the last minute, the harvest can yield gifts to treasure.

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    Preserving and Using Onions

    When the onion harvest is good, Edon Waycott likes to make a sweet and spicy onion relish. Here, he offers tips for handling onions, along with a recipe for a…