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  • Kokopelli daffodil

    Spring-Blooming Bulbs for Challenging Soils and Dry Climates

    I’m always looking to get the biggest reward from the time and energy I put into the garden. I love annuals that reseed themselves in my butterfly garden and perennial…

  • Design

    Gambling on Tulips | Letter from the Editor

    Voles and bulbs do not mix well. When I first planted my garden over a decade ago, I didn’t have a vole problem. But in more recent years, my property…

  • How-To

    Mountain West September To-Do List

    Replant containers for fall. As the weather cools, you may choose to add some fall color to your containers. You can empty containers entirely and replant, or leave the foundational…

  • Collection

    Fall Bulb Planting: Everything You Need to Know for a Spectacular Spring Show

    Now is the time to order your spring-flowering bulbs! It’s sometimes hard for gardeners to think three seasons ahead, but placing your bulb orders now will ensure that you have…

  • How-To

    Bulb Planting Season Is Here

    The vibrant offerings of bulb catalogs are entrancing as summer becomes a memory and autumn cold creeps in. We’re already full of gardening ideas for the spring season ahead. Bulbs…

  • How to Plant Fall Bulbs in Containers

    How to Plant Fall Bulbs in Containers

    Bulbs in containers can be even more exciting than bulbs in garden beds. However, you may not want to risk leaving your nice terra-cotta container outside over winter, for fear…

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    How to Plant Bulbs

    Spring bulbs are always a welcome sight, a sign that the cold months are drawing to an end and the warm sunshine is coming soon. However, some gardeners may not…

  • How-To

    Rows of Bulbs Come Tines at a Time

    Fall is the time to plant spring bulbs, but it is a back breaking chore. With full days and schedules, anything that makes planting bulbs easier is more than welcome!…

  • Video

    Tons and Tons of Bulbs at Chicago Botanic Garden

    Ever wondered who plants all those bulbs that pop up at your favorite botanical garden each spring? See how this garden handles this herculean task in this video. Every year,…

  • spring bulbs in containers

    Planting Spring-Blooming Bulbs in Containers

    When I plant containers of bulbs in the fall, I’m thinking of the color and drama they will add to the following spring’s landscape. Not only will these planted pots…