New Garden

  • garden in the Pacific Northwest

    A Garden Where the Deep South Meets the Pacific Northwest

    After living their entire lives in Alabama, and with a little encouragement from some friends, Phillip Oliver and his husband made their dreams a reality by retiring and relocating to…

  • sunny garden bed full of flowers above stone wall

    New Spaces in Carol’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Carol Verhake. Here in Berwyn, Pennsylvania (Zone 6b/7a), I continue to expand my 21-year-old garden. I have replaced the lawn with planting beds in many areas…

  • light orange roses

    Katy’s New Side Yard Garden

    My name is Katy, and I garden in Zone 7B, in Tsawwassen British Columbia, Canada, just south of Vancouver. We have a modified Mediterranean climate with heavy winter rainfall and…

  • red yarrow

    Alex’s New Garden

    We're visiting Alex's garden today. I am an IT project manager and avid fiber artist who lives in central Delaware. Gardening for me started in childhood with weed-pulling responsibilities in…

  • bright pink Chrysanthemum

    Joan’s New Garden

    Joan Cogliano is sharing her garden with us today. I moved to a new house in Weymouth, and it was a mess. I removed a leggy peach tree, two scraggly…

  • A dark boulder with water tricking over it, with a flower garden behind it.

    Ginger’s New Washington Garden

    My name is Ginger Shields, and although I’ve been gardening across the United States for 30 years, I’m now in western Washington between Seattle and Mount Rainier, and it's a…

  • Design

    Scenes From Tina’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Tina Tyzzer. We built a new home in 2016 (Zone 6, Indiana) on 6 acres that had been farmed for the previous 50+ years. In spite…

  • Design

    A New Garden, Seven Years In

    Today we're visiting with Rebecca Downie. This is my second submission to the GPOD. I had garden photos from our old house featured in “The Element of Surprise” several years…

  • Design

    Making a New Garden in Connecticut

    I’m Sue Webel. I’ve been a Fine Gardening fan since the mid-90s and a GPOD follower for many years, but this is my first photo submission. (Find me on Instagram…

  • Design

    Three Years in a New Garden

    My name is Suzanne Hens, and I've been gardening for twenty years in North Carolina. I moved three years ago to Raleigh and have slowly been transforming a blank canvas…