• Article

    A Garden Wedding, the Flowers, and the Deer

    Today we’re in the Ozarks, visiting with Susan Esche. A dear cousin was having difficulty finding a wedding venue for early October this year. We have a beautiful pavilion suitable…

  • Design

    Marigolds: No Green Thumb Required

    Today we’re visiting Natasha Grover’s garden in Chicago. I started gardening three years ago and tried different flowers. Although I love flowers, I do not have a green thumb. My…

  • Design

    A Garden as Pretty as a Painting

    Today’s photos come from Andrea McCollum of Hamilton, Ohio. We are two senior gardeners who met online about 15 years ago. My romantic partner wanted to create, through gardening, a…

  • Design

    Creating a New Garden From Scratch

    I am Marcella Mathews from Brisbane, Australia. We have been in our new house for just over three years. I have loved gardening since I was a little girl. My…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Meet the Magnificent Marigold

    Nature does the coolest things. How fantastic that this simple-to-grow flower can also be one of the most adaptable, versatile and incredibly useful plants anywhere?