Japanese Maples care

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    How to Grow Japanese Maples

    The Northeast is well known for its native maple trees (Acer spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9). They are commonly used as forestry plants or sidewalk trees and are invaluable contributors…

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    Potential Sources of Trouble for Your Japanese Maple

    Although Japanese maples are generally easy-care plants, it is worth the effort to site them properly, monitor them regularly, and provide the best possible soil conditions. These precautions can help…

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    An Easy Approach to Pruning Japanese Maples

    The first trees appeared on earth about 400 million years ago, and they did just fine for many millennia before humans arrived on the scene. So before we get all…

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    How to Prune a Japanese Maple

    Japanese maples are gorgeous trees that add an instant focal point to any garden. In order to maintain their health and to be sure they’re looking their best, pruning is…

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    Enchanting Japanese Maples

    Two experts pick their favorites based on color, shape