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    New Ideas for Indoor Vegetable Gardening

    Vegetable gardeners typically spend the winter months dreaming about spring planting. But that could change with Elizabeth Millard’s creative new approach for cultivating an indoor kitchen garden filled with all…

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    Picking a Peck of Paprika Peppers

    Pepper plants are grown as annuals, but they’re actually perennial plants that can grow indoors during the winter.

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    Take Your Plants for a Ride

    The Rotary Garden is an innovative new product that’s perfect for growing edibles in small spaces. Wheels make the garden portable so it can be moved to where ever the…

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    Cheap and Easy Winter Greens

    Growing your own garlic greens during the winter is an inexpensive way to feed two needs at once: a gardener’s need for growing and a cook’s need for something tasty.

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    Sprouts Make Windowsill Gardening Easy

    Homegrown sprouts are perfect for windowsill gardening any time of the year. Just add water and watch them grow.

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    Grow Herbs in Containers for the Winter

    Fall is the time of year that I start getting concerned for my basil. I'm pretty lousy at calculating how much longer I'll be able to harvest before the frost…

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    Grow Sprouts for the Perfect Indoor Crop

    Whether you're new to gardening, a budding homesteader, or a die-hard farmer there's no need to wait for nice weather to grow food crops - grow sprouts!