• Design

    When Spring Goes Bad

    Today’s photos come from Susan Rand, who has a bone to pick with spring. We’ve lived and gardened in Colorado (Zone 5) for 36 years, and I’ve learned never to…

  • Design

    A Garden Made by a Community

    Eric Sternfels has shared his beautiful home garden with us before, but today he's leading us to a beautiful and unusual public garden space. I am a leading garden designer…

  • Design

    Inspiration for Spring Bulb Design

    Fall is around the corner, and while you are probably getting ready to start decorating your garden with pumpkins and hay bales, this is also the time to think ahead—way…

  • Article

    Dutch Tulip Extravaganza

    Today Tammy Williams of Peidmont, South Dakota, is sharing an astonishing display she was lucky enough to enjoy. She writes: I had the good fortune to visit the Keukenhof Tulip…

  • Grape Hyacinths

    Grape Hyacinths

    These little blue jewels bring early spring delight to the garden