• garden bed full of hostas

    Terry’s Connecticut Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Terry Karpen. My garden in Redding, Connecticut, is a study of interplay between the planned and the wild, the artistic and the practical, the ecologically sound…

  • garden designs with hostas

    How to Use Hostas in Garden Design: Plant IDs

    In “How to Use Hostas in Garden Design,” home gardener Delphia Johnstone introduced us to her lush Zone 7b North Vancouver garden. The garden has been three decades in the…

  • stone front steps with lots of plants on both sides

    Gardening in Pennsylvania

    Today Bob and Linda Vivian are sharing their Pennsylvania garden with us. There’s plenty of garden here to keep Linda and me busy. We don’t mind it at all. It’s…

  • Design

    Turning a Large Property Into a Multifaceted Garden

    In 1995, Cindy Lindstedt and her husband, John, moved into a newly built log cabin on 142 acres an hour outside Milwaukee. Since then, the pair has turned much of…

  • These hostas are the stars of the show

    Favorite Hostas

    At first glance many hostas look similar, with cool-colored leaves and mounded growing habits. Yet this group of plants is incredibly diverse, with some varieties distinguishing themselves as standouts. The…

  • Design

    How to Use Hostas in a Garden Design

    When my husband and I bought our home in North Vancouver in 1992, I was a novice gardener. Our purchase gave me the enviable opportunity to create a new garden…

  • Article

    Pat’s Ontario Garden

    Today’s photos are from Pat Cassidy. I have been gardening in this space for 30 years now just outside Ottawa, Ontario. The first couple of years, as it is for…

  • lime green hosta

    Success With Hostas in the South

    Hostas (Hosta spp. and cvs., Zones 3–8) must be delicious. Everything eats them. There is nothing as disappointing as seeing a wilted hosta and realizing that it’s missing all its…

  • woman and child in a green garden

    Kindig Gardens, Part 2

    We're back for a second day in Dean and Pam Kindig's beautiful garden in Rochester, New York. My newly created stone path leads past the white ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea to the…

  • blue hosta

    Rose’s New Jersey Garden

    My name is Rose Flanagan, and I have been gardening in Maplewood, New Jersey, for 20 years. I’m sharing photos of my front-yard garden from June of last year. It…