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    Elderberry and Fire Cider Elixir

    After I posted the recent blog on fire cider, I received a request for this recipe--so here it is. Hopefully, you froze some elderberries when they were in season, if…

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    How to Plant Perennial Horseradish

    If you’re looking for something a little different to plant this season, why not try one of the oldest perennial herbs around? The large leaves of horseradish plants add structure…

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    Fire Cider Vinegar

    This elixir is well known amongst herbalists, created by Rosemary Gladstar, and has been made by many of us for years now. December 6 was World Fire Cider Vinegar Day.…

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    On the Road and Back–Springtime in Indianapolis

    It is a challenge to be a traveling gardener--especially in the spring! Here are two gardens not to miss if you are in the Indy area.

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    Unusual Herbs With Excellent Flavor

    “Herbs are weeds.” Because I own a nursery that specializes in this special breed of plants, I’ve heard that phrase come out of the mouths of my customers, friends, family—heck,…