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    Stiff goldenrod

    Solidago rigida

    This lovely goldenrod has velvety leaves that are gray-green in summer and dusky rose in autumn.

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    Prairie zinnia

    Zinnia grandiflora

    This native perennial wildflower of the American Southwest bears a profusion of bright yellow to golden yellow flowers atop 4-inch high plants that spread to 15 inches wide.

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    Silver thyme

    Thymus  × citriodorus 'Argenteus'

    This plant is an elegant addition to an herb or ornamental garden.

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    Common sage

    Salvia officinalis

    Cooks and gardeners alike are indebted to this classic, evergreen perennial for the unique, pungent flavor and aroma that its gray-green leaves produce.

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    ‘Strawberries and Cream’ nasturtium

    Tropaeolum majus ‘Strawberries and Cream’

    This old-fashioned cultivar of the species has a mounding habit and grows to 12 inches tall and wide.

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    Allium schoenoprasum

    The purple or white pom-pom flowers of chives top aromatic stems in summer.

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    Gray goldenrod

    Solidago nemoralis

    This is one of the smallest species of goldenrod, topping out at only 4 to 6 inches high in poor soils, and 2 feet high in fertile soils.

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    Bedding zinnia

    Zinnia elegans Dreamland series

    This annual series is comprised of dwarf, compact plants, 10 to 12 inches tall and half as wide.

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    Siberian Culver’s root

    Veronicastrum sibiricum

    This species has multiple 5- to 7-foot-tall, tapering spikes of pinkish-lavender flowers from summer to fall.

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    Common rue

    Ruta graveolens

    Rue is an evergreen shrub with an upright, rounded form and cool, ferny blue-green foliage.