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    Kitchen Gardening

    Want to Grow Figs? Try One of These Varieties

    There’s a fig for every taste. Some are more berrylike; some are more datelike. The color of the skin ranges from very dark purple or brown to very light green,…

  • fig plant wrapped up for winter

    Overwintering In-Ground Figs in Colder Climates

    The most important rule when growing figs in cold areas is to be creative. For example, I once met a Zone 5 grower who made a “figatorium,” a greenhouse with…

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    How to Grow Figs, Even in Colder Climates

    Figs intrigue many gardeners. The breadth of interest struck me when I donated a spindly little dormant fig plant for a raffle and the winner told me she had received…

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    A Guide to Growing Figs

    We live in the perfect climate for growing an ancient agricultural crop pictured on pyramids and mentioned in Greek texts, the Bible, and the Quran. So if you’re not already,…