• Design

    What Chartreuse Plants Can Do for You

    Chartreuse is the strawberry ice cream of the garden. Everybody knows what the three most common ice cream flavors are. First, there is vanilla, which pairs with just about anything.…

  • Design

    A Garden in 40 Shades of Green

    Emmanuel Touhey sent us these photos of his garden in Burke, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. This is my first real American garden. Born and raised in Ireland, I moved…

  • Design

    Garden Inspiration From British Columbia, Part 2

    Today we’re sharing more of Cherry Ong's photos of the gardens at the Government House in Victoria, British Columbia. Part 1 was yesterday, so check that out if you missed…

  • Design

    Designing With Green

    This ubiquitous color, when used well, can be just as exciting as vibrant flowers

  • Design

    Giant Snapdragons!

    Today’s photos come from Peggy Rupert. Our garden is in Brookings, Oregon, on Pacific Coast. You can get a glimpse of the Pacific in the background of some of the…

  • Article

    A Year Round Garden in Central Texas

    With the mild climate in place, October becomes a busy time in the garden for Julie Rorrer as she begins to plant her favorite winter crops.

  • Design

    Indispensable Green

    Use it to dazzle, to create harmony, or to establish a pleasing backdrop

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Bring on the Bokashi!! Part One

    This method of intensive composting has advantages over traditional composting.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Raised Bed Pest Cover

    If you have a raised bed garden, here's an "add-on" you can build to keep most pests from munching on your plants. You're basically building a "lid" that fits on…