• Design

    Betsy’s Vancouver Garden

    Today we’re in the garden with Betsy Bakker. I would love to share with you pictures of my garden that I have been working on for the past 27 years.…

  • Design

    Making Paradise in Ontario

    Today we’re visiting Susan Featherstone’s spectacular gardens. My husband and I purchased our home in Bradford, Ontario, 18 years ago. At the time we purchased it, it was approximately 30…

  • Design

    Another Visit

    Last week, Joe Koller shared photos with us from Alan Summer’s open garden. The garden was so beautiful that we wished we could see more—and as it turned out, we…

  • garden structures

    Arbors, Pergolas, Sheds, and Gazebos

    An arbor, pergola, shed, or gazebo can serve as a focal point in a garden. If you're seeking design inspiration for a garden building project this season, take a look…