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  • garden bag around chair cushion

    6 Tips for Easier Gardening This Season

    1. Repurpose an old cushion for a garden seat - Winning Tip Garden kneelers are a necessity as you age, not a luxury. One day when I was getting ready…

  • Starting seeds with little ones

    Gardening Tips for Winter

    Winning Tip: Starting seeds with little ones We love starting seeds indoors, but with young children helping, we would end up with a muddy, overwatered mess. To prevent that from…

  • How to Pinch a Plant

    Tip: How to Pinch a Plant

    Pinching a plant almost feels mean. It has just put out all this nice new growth, and you’re taking it away. But the rewards are worth the sacrifice. Many plants…

  • How-To

    Garden Advice for Summer

    Winning Tip: Alternative to hog wire Hog wire has become a popular fencing material for home gardeners, but I’ve found an alternative that’s better on several counts. Remesh—which is used…

  • Edging with downed-tree sections

    4 Tips for Early Spring Gardening

    Edging with downed-tree sections When a tree must be taken down in my neighborhood, I find a place in my garden for as many of the remnants as possible by…

  • How-To

    Easy, Organic Apples Are in the Bag

    Fresh apples in autumn are a real treat, especially if they're organic. However, with so many pests and diseases that can negatively affect your apple trees, it can be hard…

  • How-To

    Patch a Lawn With No Weeds

    Anyone with a lawn knows that at some point, it will need maintenance, including patching or reseeding. Generally, wheat straw is used on the patch to offer some protection to…