Garden Photography

  • close up of blue bearded iris flower

    More Close-ups in Hugh’s Garden

    A few weeks ago, Hugh Locke shared some beautiful close-up views of flowers from his garden in Montrose, New York (Close-ups in Hugh's Garden). Today we’re going to enjoy more…

  • close up of the center of a Crocus flower

    Close-ups in Hugh’s Garden

    Today's photos are from Hugh Locke. As cell-phone cameras have gotten better, I have been using mine to capture close-up images of the flowers in my garden in Westchester, New…

  • close up of yellow dandelion on a black background

    A Photographer’s View of Flowers

    Today’s photos are from Deagmund Robinson, a gardener and photographer in Atlanta who has combined a love of flowers and photography skills to capture plants in beautiful and unusual ways.…

  • pink coneflowers in front of white Adirondack chairs

    Favorite Photos from Chris

    My name is Chris Buscemi, and I live in Wells, Maine. You have posted my photos in the past (see A Profusion of Pink in Maine). Here are some of…

  • close up of bright pink hibiscus flower

    Garden Sights From Maureen

    Maureen Budney, in North Reading, Massachusetts, is a talented amateur photographer and often shares the sights she captures with us. I love how this photo of a hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus…

  • Design

    Maureen’s Artistic Eye on Plants

    Maureen Budny, in North Reading, Massachusetts, is a talented amateur photographer who has shared her beautiful images with us before (Garden Photos from Maureen). I always love when I get…

  • blooms of an apple tree

    Garden Photos from Maureen

    Today we’re visiting with Maureen Budny in North Reading, Massachusetts. Maureen is an amateur photographer and has shared some of her photos with us before (A Photographer's Eye in the…

  • Design

    Carol’s Calendar-Ready Garden Views

    Today’s photos are from Carol Verhake. Every year since 2005 I have created a wall calendar featuring photos of my garden. I looked at every calendar recently and enjoyed seeing…

  • Design

    Garden Photography: Beauty Is in the Details

    Today’s photos are from Dave Barkley in South Riding, Virginia, who sent in these intimate portraits of beautiful flowers. A yellow pansy laden with dew Another close-up of a dew-laden…

  • Design

    A Photographer Captures Sweden’s Public Gardens

    You've probably seen the name Joshua McCullough in photo captions many times on our site before. He is a professional botanical and nature photographer who has been contributing stunning garden…