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  • bright and light pink phlox

    Clare’s New Jersey Garden

    My name is Clare Oliva, and I live and garden in northern New Jersey. Photos of my garden have previously been featured on Garden Photo of the Day (Clare's Garden…

  • expert garden design tips

    10 Expert Tips for Designing Your Garden

    In an ideal world, everyone would be able to hire a designer to help with big garden decisions. But in reality, most of us end up doing our own design…

  • long-term garden design

    Expert Design Advice: Think Long-Term When Planning Your Garden

    When it comes to big-ticket items, like a patio that will define a key outdoor room, irrigation that must be installed before anything else, or slow-growing evergreens that will be…

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    James’s Front-Walk Garden

    Today James Dillon, a horticulturalist and landscape designer in Kearneysville, West Virginia, is sharing his beautiful front walk. I planted this garden in 2014. I use a lot of different…

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    Making Paradise in Ontario

    Today we’re visiting Susan Featherstone’s spectacular gardens. My husband and I purchased our home in Bradford, Ontario, 18 years ago. At the time we purchased it, it was approximately 30…

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    Sheila’s Vermont Garden

    Today we’re visiting Sheila Abair’s garden. Hello, I garden in northern Vermont, Zones 3–4. Gardeners have always been in my family. I grew up visiting the small, quaint gardens of…

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    Visiting Elaine’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting Elaine Hutson’s wonderful Oregon garden. We’ve visited before (Garden Perfection, 40+ Years in the Making: Part 1 and Part 2), and it is always a pleasure to…

  • Design

    A Front-Yard Garden That Fills in Fast

    This approach takes you from bare dirt to a bountiful garden

  • stone pathway with orange slip ons on the ground

    Plants for Pathways

    These durable creeping perennials discourage weeds and soften the look of a walkway

  • Design

    Creating Garden Passageways

    Thoughtfully designed transitional spaces help set the tone of a garden