fall shrubs

  • shrubs with berries

    Hardy Shrubs With Showy Berries

    Looking to brighten up the fall and winter garden? Consider adding fruit-producing shrubs to your plant palette. Flowering shrubs that develop colorful fall and winter berries not only add beauty…

  • native shrub in fall

    3 Native Shrubs With Fall Interest for the Southwest

    Just when the heat and dryness of a Southwestern summer are starting to get to you, fall brings some respite. The plus side of living in such a warm region…

  • Design

    Shrubs With Autumn Interest for the Midwest

    When we see hints in early fall of bigger changes to come later in the season, we look for color and impact wherever we can find it. Certainly, some of…

  • Design

    An Elegant Shrub to Add a Little Garden Drama

    The end of fall is the time to plan for the future of our gardens. Thinking about spring gets us through the upcoming cold, dark days. One of my more…

  • ‘Issai’ Asian beautyberry

    Beautyberry: Fall’s Most Fantastic Shrub

    At a glance Callicarpa spp. and cvs. Zones: 5–9 Size: 4 to 6 feet tall and wide (unless otherwise noted) Conditions: Full sun to partial shade; evenly moist, average soil…

  • showy shrubs for fall

    Showy Shrubs for Fall

    Trees aren't the only plants that put on a colorful foliage display this time of year