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  • boxwoods with boxwood blight

    How to Fight Boxwood Blight

    It has now been a full ten years since a mysterious disease affecting 10,000 containerized boxwood (Buxus spp. and cvs., Zones 5–9) shrubs in North Carolina and over 100,000 boxwoods…

  • powdery mildew

    Everything You Should Know About Powdery Mildew

    Powdery mildews may be the plant diseases most recognizable to gardeners. They are known for the gray to white patches of dusty fungal growth that develop on leaves of numerous…

  • dogwood diseases

    Dealing with Dogwood Diseases

    Like many woody plants, dogwoods can be afflicted by disease. Fortunately, when correctly identified, most diseases can be treated with little fuss. See The Best Dogwoods for Your Garden. Powdery…

  • Video

    Getting Control of Insects, Weeds, and Diseases – Webinar

    Insect pests, out-of-control diseases, and unrelenting weeds—these are the things that keep gardeners up at night. Most of us know that reaching for a spray bottle of toxic chemicals isn’t…