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    How to Start a Kitchen Garden

    Lucy Apthorp Leske designs a vegetable garden for her sister and her family, and explains what we all need to consider before deciding to start a garden of our own…

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    Lessons from a Restaurant Garden

    Growing techniques that feed diners at Arrows will produce dinners for your family.

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    Old World Splendor, New World Style

    With a little imagination, grand gardens can inspire even the smallest plots. After visiting Rosemary Verey's famous kitchen garden at Barnsley House, author Betty Lou Davis transforms her own Maryland…

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    Invitation to a Garden

    Debora Carl planned a garden where family and friends could grill, eat, and enjoy each other's company.

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    A Seattle Terrace Garden

    This garden features perennial fruits, vegetables, and herbs selected for productivity as well as for looks. Cedar-edged brick paths give the garden structure.

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    Stone Wall Tactics

    An ecological outlook and organic materials vitalize a garden. By working with nature instead of against it, James Carr and his wife cultivate a vegetable garden without chemicals.

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    At La Bastide de Moustiers, the Day’s Produce is the Star of the Menu

    Gardening cooks who find their way to this Provençal inn likely won't want to leave. The pristine produce from the garden and nearby markets is given great respect in the…

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    Practical Problems, Artful Solutions

    In eastern Pennsylvania, a vegetable garden is made beautiful. When Jack Staub is faced with a gardening challenge, he tries to come up with a solution that is not only…

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    A Taste of Napoli

    A Naples-inspired garden of greens, colorful vegetables, and fruit trees thrives in suburban Toronto.

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    Formality and Surprise in a Garden Design

    Here's a plan for a stunning 32-foot-square cottage-style garden that is productive, inventive, and not difficult to maintain.