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  • container planting with funky foliage

    Container Plants for the Southwest

    Container gardening is isn’t just for those with patio homes or balconies. Containers make the perfect addition to any garden, courtyard, or pool area. Gone are the days with terra-cotta…

  • House at twilight with garden in front

    Creating an Immersive Garden Experience

    Some gardens are tableaus, living paintings that one walks by and looks at, like some sort of marvelous billboard. There might even be another tableau right across from it, which…

  • Fall in Love With Unexpected Autumn Color

    Fall in Love With Unexpected Autumn Color

    Autumn is a glorious yet often overlooked season for container creativity. As summer annuals wane, garden centers lure us with rows and rows of ornamental cabbage and stiffly budded mums…

  • Article

    Creative Combinations in Canada

    Be prepared to swoon. Christopher Garland sent in some images of his garden featuring gorgeous and creative combinations that will have you weak in the knees. Here’s what he had…

  • Design

    Festive Containers in Colorado Ring in the Season!

    Jennny Dunlap from Denver, CO has a knack for using locally found plant resources to make her holiday containers pop! 

  • Design

    Container Creativity in BC

    Cherry Ong has used unusual containers to enhance her well designed miniature gardens.

  • How-To

    Which Pruner Is Right for You?

    Of all the tools on the garden-center shelf, there is nothing more variable in style and appearance than pruners. It’s worth your time to consider different styles and brands to…

  • Design

    Lustrous Silver Container Challenge Results

    Silver is stunning! Such a fun idea, and wow, such fantastic containers! 

  • Design

    A Fairy-Tale Cottage in the Woods

    In the April issue of Fine Gardening, Terie Rawn shared lessons she has learned while carving a garden out of the woods in upstate New York for the past 25…

  • designing terrariums

    A Fresh Take on Terrariums

    Why limit yourself to a single, static design in a closed, foggy vessel?