community garden

  • close up of a row of raised garden beds

    Making an Organic Community Garden in Arkansas

    Today we’re visiting with Mary Maud Huber. Fourteen years ago when we moved to Fairfield Bay in north-central Arkansas, I wanted a plot in the Community Garden. The town is…

  • completed community forest with newly planted trees and shrubs

    A Community Miniature Forest

    We visited Kat Kinch's new home garden recently (Heritage and Habitat), and today Kat is sharing a cool community gardening project in Ontario, where she lives. The Warkworth Little Forest…

  • swallowtail butterfly on bright pink flowers

    Ashland Terrace Garden

    We’re visiting with Ric McGee today. In 1999–2000 the nonprofit retirement community I directed was renovated and expanded. An avid naturalist, I designed and raised funds for a community cutting…

  • bundle of radishes

    Gardening for the Hungry

    Today Sallie Boge is sharing a unique garden space: The St. Mary Church Garden Ministry in Riverside, Illinois, grows a vegetable/herb/fruit garden for charity food pantries. Our garden is consistently…

  • garden bed full of small trees and shrubs

    GPOD on the Road: Earthwise Garden

    Today Cherry Ong is taking us along to a garden she visited this spring. I had a serendipitous discovery when we visited Boundary Bay in Tsawassen, British Columbia, in a…

  • plant with pink/purple flowers

    Spring in Ned Wolf Park

    Eric Sternfels has shared pictures of Ned Wolf Park in Philadelphia before (A Garden Made by a Community), but he sent in these photos because he said it was clear…

  • Bouganvillea with light pink flowers and variegated foliage

    A Community Garden in Singapore

    Today we’re headed all the way to Singapore, one of the most densely populated countries in the world, to visit a garden that provides beauty and solace to a community.…

  • Design

    Homesteading With a Community Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Kimberly Butler (to see more of her garden, check out her Instagram). Kimberly gardens in sunny Florida and makes great use of a community garden plot…

  • Design

    A Healing Garden on Vancouver Island

    Today Pam Fraser is taking us on a tour of a beautiful garden where she volunteers. I live in Ladysmith on the southeast coast of Vancouver Island, Zone 8, on…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Alaska Vegetable Garden Offers Food for All

    The flowers, vegetables and herbs growing on the grounds of the Salvation Army office in Palmer, Alaska, is open to passersby who’d like to harvest fresh, local food from the…