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    ‘Black’ hens & chicks

    Sempervivum 'Black'

    Hens & chicks are always a welcome sight, and this exciting 'Black' variety is a newer take on the old favorite.

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    Secret’s Out!™ rose

    Rosa 'WITharoma'

    This Hybrid Tea rose offers creamy white flowers which open to release a sweet rose fragrance.

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    Heaven Scent® gardenia

    Gardenia augusta ‘MADGA 1’

    This gardenia cultivar features a very tight, upright form that is perfect for smaller gardens.

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    Leucanthemella serotina

    This late-blooming perennial is a go-to for shots of crisp white and happy yellow in the fall garden.

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    Ever Red® fringe flower

    Loropetalum chinense 'Chang Nian Hong'

    This new, compact loropetalum has the reddest blooms of all cultivars.

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    Volcanic sorrel

    Oxalis vulcanicola 'Zinfandel'

    The old-fashioned shamrock house­plant is now high fashion.

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    Cherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crapemyrtle

    Lagerstroemia 'GAMAD I'

    This compact shrub was bred by the noted horticulturist, Dr.

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    Variegated Japanese silver grass

    Miscanthus sinensis 'Variegatus'

    Variegated Japanese silver grass is a boon in any garden where fine texture, a gentle color scheme, and a bit of swaying in the wind are welcome.

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    ‘Ruby Ribbons’ switch grass

    Panicum virgatum 'Ruby Ribbons'

    Panicum Ruby Ribbons’ soft blue-green foliage emerges in the spring on upright, clumping plants.

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    Chinese hardy orchid

    Bletilla striata and cvs.

    The first time you see a Chinese hardy orchid flowering you kind of rub your eyes: Did a garden fairy drop her corsage after the prom?