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  • Episode 122: The Most Colorful Fall Plants

    Episode 122: The Most Colorful Fall Plants

    Depending on where you live in North America, fall in the garden can bring anything from a flood of vibrant color to just the slightest hint of a new hue.…

  • Article

    Get Season-Long Color From Coleus

    Back in the spring, Joe Koller sent in some photos of Alan Summer’s Maryland garden and his over-the-top display of peonies and other early blooms (read it here), and now…

  • Colorful Selections for Shade

    Colorful Selections for Shade

    With these striking plants, you'll never need to settle for a sea of green again

  • foolproof garden colors

    Five Foolproof Colors

    You can't go wrong experimenting with the basics: green, white, blue, yellow, and pink

  • Design

    Indispensable Green

    Use it to dazzle, to create harmony, or to establish a pleasing backdrop