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  • close up of blue bearded iris flower

    More Close-ups in Hugh’s Garden

    A few weeks ago, Hugh Locke shared some beautiful close-up views of flowers from his garden in Montrose, New York (Close-ups in Hugh's Garden). Today we’re going to enjoy more…

  • Skylands oriental spruce

    Colorful Conifers for Year-Round Interest

    Winter in the Northeast can leave one craving color. While cold, snowy days may tend to keep some of us gardeners indoors focused more on ordering seeds and plants than…

  • Episode 122: The Most Colorful Fall Plants

    Episode 122: The Most Colorful Fall Plants

    Depending on where you live in North America, fall in the garden can bring anything from a flood of vibrant color to just the slightest hint of a new hue.…

  • hydrangea design with container

    Designing With Hydrangeas

    With so many different forms and habits, hydrangeas are one of the most versatile shrubs to work into a landscape. They can be used in various circumstances either as the…

  • Article

    Get Season-Long Color From Coleus

    Back in the spring, Joe Koller sent in some photos of Alan Summer’s Maryland garden and his over-the-top display of peonies and other early blooms (read it here), and now…

  • Colorful Plants for Shade

    Colorful Plants for Shade

    Nothing has taught me more about gardening than actual work in the garden. Among the lessons learned is that there should be no lack of color in the shade. Why…

  • How-To

    Castor Bean (Ricinus communis)

    Although castor bean is a gorgeous, showy plant in the garden, the seeds are poisonous. So why would one want to grow it? Read on to find out...

  • Design

    Seating Areas Made Simple

    Your ideal outdoor living space is only three steps away

  • Colorful Selections for Shade

    Colorful Selections for Shade

    With these striking plants, you'll never need to settle for a sea of green again

  • foolproof garden colors

    Five Foolproof Colors

    You can't go wrong experimenting with the basics: green, white, blue, yellow, and pink