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  • unusual fall perennials

    9 Extraordinary Fall-Blooming Perennials for the Autumnal Garden

    Fall is a wonderful time in the garden. The cool, crisp air encourages plants toward dormancy; perennial foliage starts to yellow and wither as deciduous trees paint the landscape with…

  • fall crocus blooms in the autumn

    Fall-Blooming Bulbs Extend the Northwest Gardening Season

    In spring, I always look forward to bulbs bursting through the ground. Searching for precious blooms amid the wet leaves and branches provides a fun reason to wander the garden.…

  • Article

    October Garden

    Lee Miller has been wanting to send in some photos for a long time and finally took the plunge! If you have been thinking about it, why not send some…

  • Design

    Autumn in the Pacific Northwest

    Today Lila Johnson is sharing some autumn beauty from her garden. We've had a spectacular show of colors in the Pacific Northwest this year. Although we've had a fair amount…

  • Design

    A Perfectly Spooky Garden

    I was leaving for work a few mornings ago and noticed how foggy it was in my neighborhood. I had to stop and take a few shots of the spookiness…

  • Design

    Making Creative Fall Containers

    Today’s photos come from Cheri Barnett: In 2015, I was inspired by a Fine Gardening article recommending that readers create fall containers without using mums. With this in mind, I…

  • How-To

    Maximize Your Harvest With Succession Planting

    If you’re the typical gardener, you plant your vegetable garden in late spring, harvest from it in summer, and then clean it up in the fall. But you can get…

  • Design

    Great Plants for a Fall Cutting Garden

    Rely on colorful, long-stemmed plants to keep your vases filled as the season winds down