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    Birds in the Garden | Letter from the Editor

    A few months ago a bird got stuck in my hair. This did not happen while I was out in the garden. But it almost certainly had something to do…

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    Native Plants for the Birds

    I feel very fortunate to live near a tributary of the Delaware River, a stop on the great Atlantic flyway used by songbirds and raptors as they migrate between Central…

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    Plants for Attracting Birds in Northwest Winter Gardens

    While only the bravest of gardeners will spend a lot of time in the garden in mid to late winter, the birds that live in our gardens are still very…

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    Inviting Birds Into Your Garden

    Birds fill the landscape with song, courtship ritual, and building industry. They also eat up lots of garden pests. Most gardeners would welcome such useful residents. During the 15 years…

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    Carolyn’s Garden For the Birds in Pennsylvania

    Today’s photos are from Carolyn Black. She says, “This is my garden in South Central Pennsylvania. I still work full-time and my hobby is flower gardening. My husband and I…