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  • sun shade plants
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    6 Great Plants That Tolerate Both Full-Sun and Shade Conditions

    When designing a garden, I am often looking for plant material that tolerates both full-sun and shade conditions. Perhaps the garden bed includes a young tree that currently provides very…

  • Tianshan® Seven-Son Flower
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Plants for the Southern Plains to Add to Your Shopping List

    Whether you’re walking through your local garden center, flipping through the pages of your favorite catalog, or scrolling the website of an online retailer, the sheer number of plant choices…

  • perennials for dry shade
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Perennials for Dry Shade in the Southern Plains

    Gardening in dry shady locations can be a challenge. Even when rain does fall, thirsty tree roots quickly suck up soil moisture. To ensure understory plants thrive, I seek out…

  • mini napa cabbage
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Tips for Growing Broccoli and Cabbage in Hot Climates

    We are blessed with a long growing season on the Southern Plains, but getting a good crop of cool-season vegetables is not always easy. This is especially true for spring-sown…

  • Southern Plains Regional Reports

    March Garden To-Do List for the Southern Plains

    March is a golden month of opportunities in the Southern Plains garden. While the early summer months may be filled with more actual growth, March is the month when anything…

  • rain garden
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Drainage Solutions for Heavy Clay Soil

    I recently renovated my courtyard, carefully double digging the clay soil and adding plenty of organic matter. When heavy spring rains arrived, I discovered I had created a giant bathtub.…

  • Chinese Fringe Flower
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Your Favorite Plants Improved for the Southern Plains

    In Paul Westervelt's article on perennial upgrades, he explains the benefit of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new versions of tried-and-true plants: "After whiffing a few times,…

  • Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Southern Plains: February Garden To-Do List

    Transplant spring- and summer-blooming perennials such as ‘Henry Duelberg’ mealy blue sage (Salvia farinacea ‘Henry Duelberg’, Zones 8–10), spring obedient plant (Physostegia intermedia, Zones 6–9), and square-bud primrose (Calylophus berlandieri,…

  • protecting trees from winter injury
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Protecting Trees From Winter Injury in the Southern Plains

    Extreme temperature fluctuations in winter are common on the Southern Plains and can cause damage to young trees. Alternate freezing and thawing of water in the trunk can cause cracks…

  • Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Southern Plains: January Garden To-Do List

    Transplant early spring bloomers like bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis, Zones 3–9), baby blue eyes (Nemophila phaceloides, annual), and spiderwort (Tradescantia spp. and cvs., Zones 4–12). While October and November are a…