Southern Plains Regional Reports

  • protect broadleaf evergreens in winter
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    How to Protect Broadleaf Evergreens from Winter Damage

    Broadleaf evergreens such as southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora and cvs., Zones 6–10) are a welcome sight in winter, adding color to the dormant landscape. These plants, however, are often susceptible…

  • early spring flowers southern plains
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Late-Winter and Early-Spring Bloomers for the Southern Plains

    In Jason Reeves' article Plants That Bloom in Late Winter or Early Spring, he discusses how plants that bloom during the coldest time of the year, often go underappreciated: "Some…

  • shrubs with berries
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Hardy Shrubs With Showy Berries

    Looking to brighten up the fall and winter garden? Consider adding fruit-producing shrubs to your plant palette. Flowering shrubs that develop colorful fall and winter berries not only add beauty…

  • growing shallots
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Growing Shallots in the Southern Plains

    Shallots (Allium cepa var. aggregatum and cvs.) are expensive to purchase in the store, which is one reason I like to grow my own. A member of the allium or…

  • plants for migrating birds
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Plants to Fuel Migrating Birds in the Southern Plains

    Late summer through autumn, millions of birds pass through the Southern Plains on their migration to southern wintering grounds. Birds follow four main paths as they migrate. The Southern Plains…

  • ‘Chindo’ Sweet Viburnum
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Interesting Broadleaf Evergreens for the Southern Plains

    In an episode of Fine Gardening's podcast, Let’s Argue About Plants, the hosts discuss the importance of evergreen plants, and the particular perks of broadleaf evergreens: “The key to any…

  • summer bloomers for heat
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Best Summer-Flowering Plants for Texas and Other Drought-Prone Areas

    As temperatures soar, many plants turn to survival mode. Annuals and perennials that may have bloomed with abandon in May or June shut down production until cooler temperatures return. But…

  • Western Ironweed
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Unusual Fall Perennials for the Southern Plains

    In Andy Brand’s article Unusual Fall Perennials, he discusses some out-of-the-box plant picks for this spectacular time in the garden: “As we reluctantly accept the inevitable and begin preparing our gardens…

  • gold foliage plants
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Plants With Golden Foliage That Stand Up to the Summer Sun

    Go for the gold this summer with stunning golden foliage. All too often the intense sun and heat of summer on the Southern Plains causes yellow foliage to turn a…

  • close up of penstemon flower
    Southern Plains Regional Reports

    Pretty Penstemon Varieties for Pollinators in the Southern Plains

    When it comes to underappreciated perennials that deserve more attention, penstemon, or beardtongue (Penstemon spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) is among those at the top of my list. This genus…