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  • symmetrical garden patio with built in garden beds
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Designing From the Top Down in the Northwest

    Designers talk about sight lines, which lead the eye through gardens and pathways with a destination. In the Pacific Northwest we have another viewpoint to consider. Many of our houses…

  • Mix of perennials in summer containers
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Ditch Pre-Potted Nursery Containers for Your Own Creations

    Our gardens are bursting with growth in early summer: roses are budding, peonies (Paeonia spp. and cvs., Zones 3-9) are blooming, and dahlias (Dahlia spp. and cvs., Zones 7-11) are…

  • Galanthus Gala zoom 2021
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Online Gardening Events Are More Accessible Than Ever

    Throughout 2020 and 2021 many things have changed. We have learned new ways to greet each other, how to read eyes instead of smiles, and how to simply communicate differently.…

  • Toffee Nosed Red Hot Poker
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Perennial Rebloomers for the Northwest

    Dan Robarts says in his article on reblooming perennials, "...the criteria I generally adhere to for earning a spot in the beds at my home or botanical garden workplace center…

  • Golden foliage and spring blooms
    Northwest Regional Reports

    All-Season Golden Garden in the Northwest

    I love introducing people to my “golden garden.” This garden has year-round yellow and gold color. I managed this by incorporating plants with sequential moments of bloom and other interest,…

  • Mason bee
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Mason Bees Are Easy, Home-Grown Pollinators for Your Garden

    Gardeners are becoming more aware of the importance of pollination in our gardens. We now plant early-blooming plants for bee food and add areas of native plants to encourage native…

  • bleeding heart and hellebores
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Spring Border Design for the Northwest

    Designing spring borders is always a little challenging. Some plants are stubborn and refuse to bloom at the same time every year. Other plants are just emerging and are not…

  • creating a gravel patio
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Hardscaping Projects in Early Spring

    I am always confused when a gardener says, “There’s nothing to do,” during late winter or early spring in the garden. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get the chance…

  • Irish yew
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Evergreen Hedging Plants for the Northwest

    Winter in the Northwest is a great time to appreciate the wonderful job broadleaf evergreen plants do in our gardens. They create structure in designs and act as windbreaks and…

  • Tough-Leaf Iris
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Great Native Plants for the Northwest

    Growing native plants is the gardening equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. Not only are these plants beautiful and more likely to thrive in your landscape, they…