Northwest Regional Reports

  • bleeding heart and hellebores
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Spring Border Design for the Northwest

    Designing spring borders is always a little challenging. Some plants are stubborn and refuse to bloom at the same time every year. Other plants are just emerging and are not…

  • creating a gravel patio
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Hardscaping Projects in Early Spring

    I am always confused when a gardener says, “There’s nothing to do,” during late winter or early spring in the garden. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get the chance…

  • Irish yew
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Evergreen Hedging Plants for the Northwest

    Winter in the Northwest is a great time to appreciate the wonderful job broadleaf evergreen plants do in our gardens. They create structure in designs and act as windbreaks and…

  • Tough-Leaf Iris
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Great Native Plants for the Northwest

    Growing native plants is the gardening equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. Not only are these plants beautiful and more likely to thrive in your landscape, they…

  • firewise plants
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Firewise Landscaping in the Northwest

    One thing that we Northwest gardeners need to start thinking about more and more is how to protect our homes from wildfires. Most gardeners in the Northwest have always expected…

  • Juniper-leaf grevillea
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Plants for Attracting Birds in Northwest Winter Gardens

    While only the bravest of gardeners will spend a lot of time in the garden in mid to late winter, the birds that live in our gardens are still very…

  • Downy Clematis
    Northwest Regional Reports

    4 Outstanding Spring Plants for the Northwest

    We all have certain plants that immediately come to mind when thinking of a garden in spring. For many, these are daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths skirting the trunks of flowering magnolias,…

  • Northwest Regional Reports

    Fragrant Foliage for the Northwest

    Gardeners who live in the Northwest region will find the weather affects what they do from day to day. When the weather is gloomy, gray, wet, and cold, we run…

  • Charity mahonia
    Northwest Regional Reports

    Winter-Blooming Shrubs for the Northwest

    December brings some of the darkest and shortest days of the year. During this time, I often find myself trying to get out for a walk to enjoy the short-lived…

  • Northwest Regional Reports

    Northwest: January Garden To-Do List

    Now that the beginning of the year is here and the days are getting longer, you’ll probably want to start getting outside to tackle a few chores in the garden…