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  • canna rhizomes
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    How to Overwinter Tender Plants in the Northern Plains

    Winter weather can be challenging for gardeners in the Northern Plains. However, we are still able to use cold-sensitive plants in our gardens if we take the necessary steps to…

  • Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Northern Plains: January Garden To-Do List

    Enjoy the winter landscape. Need to stretch your legs and get some fresh air? Get outside and enjoy your landscape in winter. The amazing details you will notice in winter…

  • tree with pink samaras
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Underappreciated Trees for the Northern Plains

    If your garden needs a new small tree, you should look beyond the usual candidates and add something different that will diversify your landscape. Here are some of the most…

  • Yellowwood
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Plant in Fall for Spring Color in the Northern Plains, Part II: Trees and Shrubs

    When designing for spring color, one should look past the typical displays of flowering bulbs and think of what can be offered by our early-blooming shrubs and trees. When combined…

  • Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Northern Plains November Garden To-Do List

    Save some seeds. Before cutting down plant material, go through your garden and collect any seeds that you may want to save to start new plants. By now, nature has…

  • spring blooming perennials
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Plant in Fall for Spring Color in the Northern Plains, Part I: Perennials

    When it comes to spring color, planting perennials in the fall can be just as beneficial as planting in the spring or early summer. Evaluating your garden in late summer…

  • Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Shrubs for Small Spaces in the Northern Plains

    Mark Weathington, director of the JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, discusses several small shrub varieties that provide big interest in a petite package as…

  • lace bugs
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Pest Control for the Northern Plains: Chrysanthemum Lace Bugs

    In the later months of the gardening season, gardeners anticipate finally seeing the blooms of fall perennials. Unfortunately, this is also when we may find evidence that chrysanthemum lace bugs…

  • Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Northern Plains September Garden To-Do List

    Prep houseplants for moving back indoors. As temperatures begin to cool and days get shorter, begin readying your houseplants that have spent the summer outside for winter indoors by moving…

  • crevice garden at Cheyenne Botanic Gardens
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Crevice Gardening in the Northern Plains

    Crevice gardening, a form of rock gardening developed by the Czechs, is a growing trend in the Northern Plains, where gardeners can combine local or unique stones in artistic arrangements…