Northern Plains Regional Reports

  • butterfly on dianthus
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Attracting Butterflies in the Northern Plains

    There is something magical about seeing a butterfly fluttering through your garden, even if you have seen butterflies in your garden a thousand times before. Their bright colors and graceful…

  • Lead plant
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Satisfying Your Zone Envy in the Northern Plains

    There are many plants that grow in the rest of the United States that we probably will never be able to grow in the Northern Plains. However, there are a…

  • ninebark before and after being cut back
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Rejuvenation Pruning for Northern Plains Shrubs

    We all have them in our landscape--those leggy, overgrown, multistemmed shrubs that maybe have not received the proper pruning each year to maintain the healthy and robust habit they once…

  • ‘Fascination’ culver’s root
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    4 Must-Have Plants for the Northern Plains

    As garden centers start to open their doors for the season (and we get ready to run into them with open arms), we decided to ask some regional experts what…

  • snow mold
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Snow Mold in the Northern Plains: Prevention and Recovery

    One of my favorite signs of spring is brown winter grass turning green again. Unfortunately, that beautiful sight is often marred by unsightly patches of snow mold, a lawn fungus…

  • Prairie Gold quaking aspen
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Deciduous Trees for Winter Interest in the Northern Plains

    Winter in the Northern Plains brings an opportunity to appreciate the deciduous trees in our landscape for more than just the leaves and flowers they provide. Form and texture really…

  • Prairie Skullcap
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Great Native Plants for the Northern Plains

    Growing native plants is the gardening equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. Not only are these plants beautiful and more likely to thrive in your landscape, they…

  • snow and ice on a spruce tree
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Preventing and Repairing Winter Tree Damage in the Northern Plains

    In the Northern Plains, we have a long season of heavy, wet snow and ice, which can cause significant damage to our shrubs and trees. With most plants in a…

  • Evening Rose Hardy hibiscus
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Hardy Hibiscus for the Northern Plains

    Each year the National Garden Bureau chooses a bulb, annual, perennial, edible, and shrub to be featured in its “Year of the” program to draw attention to unique plants and…

  • Hetz Midget Dwarf Globe Arborvitae
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Regional Picks: Foundation-Friendly Plants – Northern Plains

    Find foundation-friendly plants for the Northern Plains below, and read the article by Nick McCullough for even more ideas: “The most critical aspect of your foundation beds is selecting plants…