Northern Plains Regional Reports

  • lace bugs
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Pest Control for the Northern Plains: Chrysanthemum Lace Bugs

    In the later months of the gardening season, gardeners anticipate finally seeing the blooms of fall perennials. Unfortunately, this is also when we may find evidence that chrysanthemum lace bugs…

  • Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Northern Plains September Garden To-Do List

    Prep houseplants for moving back indoors. As temperatures begin to cool and days get shorter, begin readying your houseplants that have spent the summer outside for winter indoors by moving…

  • crevice garden at Cheyenne Botanic Gardens
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Crevice Gardening in the Northern Plains

    Crevice gardening, a form of rock gardening developed by the Czechs, is a growing trend in the Northern Plains, where gardeners can combine local or unique stones in artistic arrangements…

  • ligularia in bloom
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Flood-Tolerant Perennials for the Northern Plains

    In the Northern Plains, heavy rains seem to be a more and more common occurrence, resulting in periodic flooding in our landscapes. While most plants cannot tolerate prolonged periods of…

  • yellow California poppies
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    The Best Reseeding Annuals for the Northern Plains

    Getting annuals to self-seed year after year in the Northern Plains primarily relies on what sort of winter we have. Sufficient snow cover has a dramatic effect on annuals’ ability…

  • butterflies on Joe-Pye weed
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Shrubby Perennials with Flower Power for the Northern Plains

    One of the nice things about having perennials in your garden is that the yearly maintenance is easy; simply cut them to the ground in spring when new growth begins…

  • butterfly on dianthus
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Attracting Butterflies in the Northern Plains

    There is something magical about seeing a butterfly fluttering through your garden, even if you have seen butterflies in your garden a thousand times before. Their bright colors and graceful…

  • Lead plant
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Satisfying Your Zone Envy in the Northern Plains

    There are many plants that grow in the rest of the United States that we probably will never be able to grow in the Northern Plains. However, there are a…

  • ninebark before and after being cut back
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    Rejuvenation Pruning for Shrubs

    We all have them in our landscape—those leggy, overgrown, multistemmed shrubs that maybe have not received the proper pruning each year to maintain the healthy and robust habit they once…

  • ‘Fascination’ culver’s root
    Northern Plains Regional Reports

    4 Must-Have Plants for the Northern Plains

    As garden centers start to open their doors for the season (and we get ready to run into them with open arms), we decided to ask some regional experts what…