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  • Kitchen Gardening

    A Starter Compost Heap

    Build an enclosure, add plant material, collect your veggie scraps, and toss them in. Nature will take care of the rest.

  • How-To

    Maintenance Pruning

    By relying on a few timely, well-placed cuts, you can keep your deciduous trees and shrubs healthy

  • Article

    Expert Plant Picks: Midwest and Plains

    If you live in the Midwest, Northern Plains, or Southern Plains, check out the listings below for plants that are most likely to do well in your region. MIDWEST Jim Ault…

  • Article

    Expert Plant Picks: Western United States

    Here you'll find great plant selections for the Mountain West, Northwest, Southwest, Northern California, and Southern California.

  • Article

    Expert Plant Picks: Eastern United States

    Expert gardeners reveal their favorite plants for the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeastern states

  • How-To

    All magazine extras

    Fine Gardening issue #157 May/June 2014 Campanulas You Can't Live Without: The Full List Lessons learned from a 25-year-old garden: Plant identification Pick a color, any color: 2013 Container design challenge…