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    Rocky stonecrop

    Sedum rupestre

    This is a vigorous, mat-forming evergreen species with small gray-green leaves and terminal clusters of star-shaped, vibrant yellow flowers in summer.

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    Baby cyclamen

    Cyclamen hederifolium

    A fine plant for fall, this cyclamen's frequently scented, mottled flowers emerge directly from the soil, followed by a carpet of patterned, mid- to dark green leaves attractively variegated with…

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    Mazus reptans

    Mazus reptans

    Mazus reptans is a mat-forming perennial with rosettes of lance-shaped toothed leaves.

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    Saffron crocus

    Crocus sativus

    The saffron crocus blooms in the autumn, producing 1 to 5 rich lilac flowers with dark purple veins, held wide open above inconspicuous foliage.

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    Golden Moon™ wishbone flower

    Torenia Golden Moon™

    Golden Moon™ brightens up gardens with unique, saturated gold-and-maroon blooms.

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    Evergreen wild ginger

    Asarum shuttleworthii

    This wild ginger is an evergreen groundcover with heart-shaped, shiny leaves that are often marbled.

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    Common snowdrop

    Galanthus nivalis

    Snowdrops are some of the earliest bulbs, and flowers in general, to bloom in spring.

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    Two-row stonecrop

    Sedum spurium ‘Fuldaglut’

    This mat-forming species forms a carpet of rosy-red flowers in late July and August, contrasting against green leaves with bronzy-maroon highlights.

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    Summer Wave® Blue wishbone flower

    Torenia 'SUNrenilabu'

    This compact plant produces abundant blue, tubular, two-lipped flowers from planting time until frost.

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    European wild ginger

    Asarum europaeum

    European wild ginger is a low-growing groundcover with glossy, evergreen, heart-shaped leaves.