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    Kousa dogwood

    Cornus kousa

    A native of Korea and Japan, Kousa dogwood makes an excellent landscape tree and offers a long season of interest.

  • 'Royal Purple' Smoke Tree
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    ‘Royal Purple’ smoke tree

    Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’

    This shrub or small tree has stunning dark red-purple foliage that turns scarlet in autumn.

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    Indian grass

    Sorghastrum nutans 'Indian Steel'

    Golden yellow plumes and a vase-like form give 'Indian Steel' a refined look.

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    Little Henry® Virginia sweetspire

    Itea virginica 'Sprich'

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    Persian parrotia tree

    Parrotia persica

    Parrotia persica has one of the most beautiful foliage displays, in addition to year-round eye appeal and ease of maintenance.

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    ‘Agnes’ rugosa rose

    Rosa rugosa  'Agnes'

    'Agnes'  is one of the few yellow rugosa roses, and it epitomizes the finest rugosa attributes in both leaf and overall form.

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    Franklin tree

    Franklinia alatamaha

    Discovered in the wild along Georgia's Altamaha River in 1765 by botanists John and William Bartram, this beautiful landscape tree is considered extinct in the wild.

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    Alder-leaved serviceberry

    Amelanchier alnifolia

    This multi-stemmed shrub or tree can reach almost 20 feet tall.

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    Roughleaf dogwood

    Cornus drummondii

    This dogwood can be classified as either a deciduous shrub or small tree.

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    Oakleaf hydrangea

    Hydrangea quercifolia

    Oakleaf hydrangeas originated along the sandy streams of the southeastern United States, and they are more drought tolerant than many other hydrangeas.