• Pave the Way, Creatively

    Turn mundane, utilitarian paving into a design element in your garden

  • Building a Compost Bin

    Easy to assemble and disassemble, this bin can adapt to the size of your compost pile

  • Pleasing Rhythm Makes a Garden Sing

    Play with repetition, positive and negative space, and pacing to evoke a sense of movement and mood

  • What's Wrong With That Tree?

    Cracks and splits, mushrooms, hollows, tilting trunks, and dead wood are all signs that a mature specimen may be in trouble

  • A Garden Set in Stone

    Walls, paths, steps, and focal points made of rock unify this landscape

  • Making Compost

    What you put into your compost pile determines what you get out. Lee Reich, Ph.D., author of The Pruning Book and "hands-in-the-dirt" gardener, advises to take the time to get the…

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