Finding Your Garden Style (Webinar)

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How do you begin the process of designing or refining your own gardens, especially when there are so many things that you need to take into consideration? In this class, award-winning UK garden designer Annie Guilfoyle will guide you through the elements that make for a successful design and show you how to develop a garden that really suits your taste and lifestyle. This webinar will focus on how to use sketching and observation as tools to develop your technique. The process of designing your space should be fun, according to Annie, so she’ll share insights for how to develop your style using the influences of things you really like, such as textiles, art, and architecture. There will be plenty of suggestions on how to start your design process and gather inspiration—and, of course, we will touch on those oh-so-important plants. Sign up for the Finding Your Garden Style webinar below.*

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*If you are interested in classes similar to this, please join us for a three-part course, Garden Design Ideas That Work, which will offer a deeper dive into the garden design process. This unique set of classes will be taught by a trio of renowned UK landscape designers.  



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