Richard Hawke

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    Awesome Asters

    What would autumn be like without asters? Boring, that’s what. Thankfully, I live in a place with a plethora of native asters that dot and decorate roadsides, fields, woodlands, and…

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    Beyond the Basic Butterfly Bush

    Few sights are as quintessentially associated with summer as butterflies perched on the blossoms of butterfly bush (Buddleia spp. and cvs., USDA Hardiness Zones 5–9). While the profusion and prodigious…

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    Guide to Growing Brunnera

    Good ol’ brunnera, with its cheery forget-me-not–like flowers, is experiencing a renaissance, of sorts—captivating gardeners in recent years with a bevy of new varieties that have incredibly colorful foliage. I…

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    The Best Garden Phlox

    Garden phlox (Phlox paniculata and cvs., USDA Hardiness Zones 4–8) is one of those “memory” plants for me—a plant I remember from a long way back, before I even knew…

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    The Best Varieties of Campanula

    Contemplating the myriad of campanulas makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. The diversity of floral shapes, blossom colors, and plant habits is both astound­ing and enticing.…

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    Clematis ‘Evisix’

    A noteworthy nonvining clematis

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    Low-Maintenance, Long-Lasting Hydrangeas

    Find out which panicle varieties are so amazing, you'll never want to plant a bigleaf type again

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    Battle of the Grasses

    I think grasses suffer from lumping. I’m guilty of it myself, many times ending a list of companion perennials with the phrase “and some ornamental grasses.” This gives the impression…

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    There’s something about catmint (Nepeta spp. and cvs., USDA Hardiness Zones 3–8) that buoys my spirits. Whether it’s along a cobbled path in England or in the median planters that…

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    The Best Ligularias

    Simple fact: Gardeners love bold-leaved plants. Large leaves make great foils for the foliage of lacier plants while imbuing the garden with a bit of the exotic, which may explain…