Michele Christiano

michele christiano

Michele fell in love with gardening while working in the annuals department at a nursery in southeastern Pennsylvania while pursuing an undergraduate degree in biology. She continued her career by completing a Certificate of Merit in Ornamental Plants at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. She has worked in public gardens for most of her career, including Winterthur Museum, Gardens, and Library in Winterthur, Delaware, and Longwood Gardens and is currently an estate gardener maintaining a Piet Oudolf garden. She loves to spend as much time outdoors as possible with her husband and two children.

1. What do you like most about gardening in your region?

I love gardening in all four seasons of the Mid-Atlantic region. The garden looks so different throughout the year. Using the four seasons to design and garden in the Mid-Atlantic allows so much diversity in choosing a plant palette.

2. What’s the biggest challenge to gardening in your region?

By far the biggest problem is our beautiful white-tailed friend, the deer. Unfortunately, overpopulation and decreased habitat make for a very challenging time for gardeners in the Mid-Atlantic region.

3. What plant are you jazzed about in your garden right now?

I am so excited to grow ‘Amazing Grey’ poppy (Papaver rhoeas ‘Amazing Grey’, annual) this year! I plan on trying this annual in my garden in the upcoming season.

4. What was the last plant you killed?

I just killed my poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima, Zones 9–11). It’s a post-Christmas tradition for me to neglect them.


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